The Monster Squad

By October 22, 2013 Kevins Posts

Greetings Creeps,

It’s almost the final stretch of October so it’s time to bring out the big guns.  My all time favorite horror movies are all well known.  Halloween, Alien, The Thing, Night of the Living Dead but I still meet people who have never seen The Monster Squad, and that my friends is a crying shame.

I have such fond memories of this movie from when I was a kid.  When we used to rent movies from Major Video (which became a Blockbuster, which became extinct) I remember going into the store and seeing the cover.  Just some kids sitting on a car with the ghostly images of all the great monsters in the sky above them.  Frankenstein’s Monster, Wolfman, Dracula, the Mummy, and a fishier version of the Gillman.  What?  And it wasn’t rated R?  That means I could get the parents to rent it.  And oh how they did.  And oh how I loved it.  I believe that movie is what introduced me to the term “nards” and instantly spiced up my young vocabulary.  I won’t spoil the infamous nards seen if you haven’t seen it or have somehow managed to avoid that spoiler all these years.

Anyways, Dracula enlists the help of all those great monsters to cause chaos and it’s up to a gang of monster movie loving kids to stop them.  The monsters look great, the story is amazing and the humor is top notch. I loved it.

Then it went back to the video store.  I was lucky if I could watch it again on HBO or late night television until 6 or 7 years ago when they put it out on DVD.  Finally I would have it.  But would it hold up to scrutiny under older eyes?  Not only was it still great but I think I enjoyed it more.  Not only did it whisk me away to my childhood but it showed how well you can tell a horror story for an all ages audience without dumbing it down.  The dialog is a bit dated but what do you expect.

It remains a Halloween mainstay and just an overall tremendous movie.  Please, do yourself a favor and watch The Monster Squad before they remake it or before you can even go on living another day.

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