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Greetings Creeps,

I got my mitts on some awesome stuff this week. A lot of it came out earlier in the year but it’s new to me so it counts. While the new releases were a bit sparse this week, news of upcoming new albums blew my mind. Is every awesome metal band determined to put out killer work this year? I did the math and I’ve listened to about 115 new albums this year, most of them being awesome. Will they resonate and stay with me longer? Some will, some won’t but that doesn’t mean they aren’t some great albums. May is almost over so I think I might do a middle of the year best of list to help shine some light on some of this years more excellent releases.

Onto the new stuff. I finally got to hear all of Blood and Sun’s White Storms Fall after months and months of them promising a releases. Beautiful heathen folk. Speaking of folk I checked out Noah Gundersen’s Ledges, Sun Kill Moon’s Benji, and Ainulindalë’s Nevrast. Noah Gundersen and Sun Kill Moon is some great, albeit wholly sad and dismal, singer songwriter folk where as Ainulindalë’s is some beautiful, european style folk about Middle Earth. All three are worth checking out.

I got caught up on some awesome new, crusted up metal bands this week. Black Monolith’s Passenger was an incredible find. Very Agrimonia in approach. I love this melodic, crust metal, post rock thing that is going around. Also on the crust front, Avvika’s self titled  and Anopheli’s A Hunger Rarely Sated were pretty crushing.

As for the rest, Nawaharjan’s Into the Void is sickeningly awesome, Torrid Husk’s Caesious and Ahamkara’s The Embers of Stars were pleasant black metal surprises, and Hoth’s Oathbreaker was some well played and interesting melodic death/black metal.

Various – One and All, Together, For Home 
This album just sort of snuck up on me out of nowhere. With a lineup of bands like Primordial, Drudkh, Kampfar and Winterfylleth (among others) doing covers of their countries folk songs, how could I pass this up. Most of the songs are done traditionally or acoustically and there is very little metal to be found on this but the album is hauntingly beautiful and if you’re a fan of this sort of music, a must hear. Ava Inferi’s “Ao Teu Lado” might be my favorite track on this album.

Hoth – Oathbreaker 
This is some damn fun melodic black metal. With a name like Hoth, how could I not have given this a shot?

Black Monolith – Passenger 
I’ve been on a bit of a crust kick. I really like the crusted up black metal thing this band pulls off. There are times of blistering intensity and moments of extreme tranquil beauty. The last half of the song “Eris” is transcendent.

Blood and Sun – White Storms Fall
Torrid Husk – Caesious
Darkenhold – A Passage to the Towers
Forteresse – Par hauts bois et vastes plaines
Gallowbraid – Ashen Eidolon
Noah Gundarsen – Ledges
Noisem/Occultists – Split
Ainulindalë – Nevrast
Sun Kill Moon – Benji
Yellow Eyes – Hammer of Night
Agalloch – The Serpent & the Sphere
Falconer – Chapters From a Vale Forlorn
Eyes of Ligeia – A Fever Which Would Cling to Thee Forever
Ghost – If You Have Ghost
Ahamkara – The Embers of Stars
Avvika – S/T 12”
Anopheli – A Hunger Rarely Sated
Putrefaction – Blood Cult LP
Young and in the Way – When Life Comes to Death
Nawaharjan – Into the Void
Vallendusk – Black Clouds Gathering
Darkenhold – A Passage to the Towers
Winterlore – Four Swords Against the Pious
King of Asgard – …To North

Until next week…

Stay Creepy My Friends!

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