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By October 15, 2013 Kevins Posts

Greetings Creeps,

I hope the Halloween spirit finds you all well.  In case you need a little help getting in the mood may I suggest watching ParaNorman.  It’s streaming on Netflix right now so really, you have no excuse.  Unless you don’t have Netflix I guess.

If there was any justice in the world ParaNorman would be considered a Halloween classic.  I’m still perplexed by Hollywoods refusal to release horror movies in October instead vying for an August release (which is when this came out last year) and robbing it of it’s rightful Halloween standard position.

ParaNorman is one of those rare movies that gets it right all the way through.  Marketed as a children’s movie (being animated and all…ugh) it really was an all ages horror yarn but since Hollywood has to market something to a specific demographic, ParaNorman may have alienated an older audience.  Which is a shame because it’s so well done.  It reminds me of classics like The Goonies and Monster Squad.  Movies that were all ages friendly but didn’t pander to a younger audience or make you feel stupid after watching it.  It also didn’t feel like it needed to through in some adult level humor just to make adults feel like they weren’t wasting their time.  This is what good story telling is and it’s obvious from watching the movie, that it came from a love of horror movies.  There are references to some classic works but they don’t hammer you over the head in some sort of attempt to make you think they are clever.  It’s just an amazingly fun horror movie for all ages.  I’m not sure if they still play movies like The Great Pumpkin on TV anymore but ParaNorman would be a perfect candidate to follow that.

Stay Creepy My Friends!

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