New Teenage Love Zombies and Denver ComicFest

By April 17, 2013 Artwork

Greetings Creeps!

Clifton isn’t one to take defeat lying down.  Well, he might lay down and make everybody else do the work.  I have a feeling the gang hasn’t seen the last of him yet.  What do you think boils and ghouls?

Also, if any of you little grave robbers are in the Denver area, head out to the Denver ComicFest this weekend.  Creephouse Comics artist Kevin Gentilcore will be there with all the grime and grit hopefully combed from his beard.  He will have tons of Creephouse goodies and will even be presenting a panel on how to smell your freshest (among other topics).  Point your peepers at the flyer below and click here for all the event details!


Stay Creepy My Friends!

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