Barbie Color Reveal dolls deliver an unboxing experience full of surprises — seven of them! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NEW 2020 KEN DOLL RED SHORT Sleeve Shirt MATTEL. Stacie – Release Date: November 29, 2020 Canada/ UK. The playset includes the Barbie pet vet doll (12-in/30.40-cm) dressed in a cute animal print dress with a white smock and stethoscope. Barbie Astronaut – Release Date: January 2, 2021 Brunette Blonde  January 10,2021 Stacie Astronomer – Release Date: January 10,2021 Target-com. ? 2021 Netherlands/ Canada. Late 2020 – 2021 Barbie RC Dream Car (no Doll.) This assortment includes three classic looks with a modern take: Repro 1961 Original Ken Doll – Release Date: November 15, 2020 ? 2021 USA/ Italy/ Spain/ France/ Germany/ UK/ China. From the original Ken doll, which debuted more than five decades ago sporting red swim trunks and cork sandals, to Dream Date Ken, released in 1984 and dressed in a sleek black jacket and bow tie for a night out with Barbie, Mattel has given the iconic doll some progressive looks to match the trends of the moment. Fact: New York Dolls were the single biggest musical influence on Morrissey - he used to run their UK fan club - but you shouldn’t hold that against them; their legacy is representative of so much more than that. Skipper – Release Date: March, 2021 Canada/ USA/ China/ Singapore. 2021 Italy/ Spain/ Germany/ China/ Australia. Ken® doll & friends show off their personality and style in the coolest new looks! You make my day happy with the praise. | Barbie Doll, friends and family history and news. Barbecue playset – Release Date:  December 26, 2020 USA/ Australia/ Singapore/ Mexico/ United Arab Emirates/ Saudi Arabia / Italy/ Germany. 12 custom dolls were presented to each of the drivers and, in the near future, an exhibition with dolls of different professions will be unveiled in one of the main Moscow stations. Barbie and Sisters Vehicle Build Up – Release Date:  ? Doctor, Tennis Star & Musician – Release Date: November 19, 2020 Blonde // Brunette August 29, 2020 Winning Summer Doll Choices for the @BarbieStyle Fashion Doll. Repro Superstar Christie® Doll – Release Date:  June, 2021. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. Skipper Astronomer  – Release Date: January 3, 2021 This bundle includes 2 pet puppies and 2 pet kittens – Release Date: ? Businesswoman/Boss – Release Date: December 7, 2020 USA/ China/ Singapore/ Australia/ Mexico/ Canada/ UK. Find Ken dolls for less. The Barbie® Signature team will get to work finalizing all the design specifications for the doll and its packaging, and prepare it for a four-week pre-order period to be announced in 2021. The water turns a teal color, and when the pet is pulled out, its features are revealed! Learn how your comment data is processed. $15.95. Toddler Doll with a Playhouse Playset – Release Date: December 3, 2020 Canada/ USA/ China/ Singapore/ Mexico. Use them to decorate the tree and Chelsea doll’s cake, then celebrate with her baby sloth and monkey friends -her animal pals can plug into the playset for lots of active play and inspired storytelling! 3 Baby Animals, Slide, Zipline & Accessories. When a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become, and if you love helping others and taking care of people, you can be a medical doctor! These fashion sets includes pieces that can be mixed and matched to tell all kinds of stories with both Barbie and Ken dolls (dolls sold separately) — imaginations have options for daytime looks to date night to a wedding day! … Hiker – Release Date: November 21, 2020 USA/ Canada/ Australia/ China/ Singapore/ Mexico/ Spain/ Germany/ UK/ Switzerland/ Canada. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. When a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become and if you love taking care of animals, you can be a pet vet. A service window features a counter where kids can help the sisters complete a transaction and serve their treats to hungry customers. Each Barbie interior allows you to create a multitude of sets to imagine exciting stories with themed furniture and accessories. — -- The company behind Barbie announced its most diverse line of Ken dolls yet. ... item 9 Barbie Fashionistas KEN DOLL ... 2020 Fashionistas Doll 141 Curvy Pink Hair Red Dress. Heeeey! Lunar New Year Barbie® Doll – Release Date: January 12, 2021 USA/ Canada/ Canada/ Australia/ China/ Singapore/ Mexico/  United Arab Emirates/Pre-order February 5, 2021 Netherlands/ France/ Italy/ UK/ ? Kids can find the right combination of doll clothing and accessories to find the right outfit and play out a story, then start all over again! ZESTYYYY!!!! Dip the mystery pet covered in Color Reveal teal into water. Baby & Toddler Mini Doll 2-Pack [Brunette, Tropical Tank] – Release Date:  December 7,  2020 USA/ USA. Dress the doll, snap in her ponytail and play out a story. New; Used; Sponsored Amazon's Choice for ken doll clothes. These sibling dolls are so cute, kids will be inspired to care for and nurture their young charges as they dream up babysitting adventures! She also comes with her lifeguard chair with overhead cabana/umbrella, megaphone, binoculars, 3 flags, buoy and her trusty canine friend with a red jacket. This cool food truck has rolling wheels and opens up to reveal a grill and food prep station with plenty of storage space for over 20 themed accessories. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Some of these are so wonderful we really love them the only complaint we have is what is ever happened to Broad Ken? The water turns metallic pink, and when the doll is pulled out, her features are revealed! Ken braids is a no. Use the tube to store these and other favorites. Jul 6, 2020 - [SPOILER] There were also some in bathing suits but I'm not sue if I'm allowed to post pics like that here due to LSA rules. A doll wearing a shimmery fashion is guaranteed, but each doll’s look remains a mystery until revealed. The Adventures of Princess Barbie is a musical with six new songs. including the two looks and accessories seen here, Barbie® Signature Doll Design Showdown Winner, – Release Date: December 21, 2020 Australia/, Barbie Ultimate Color Reveal Mermaid Fashion Doll. 2021 USA/ Canada/ Australia. (Late 2020 -) 2021 Fashionistas Ken & Barbie Mixed Fashions. 2021. Barbie BMR1959 Fully Poseable Ken Doll (Red Hair, 12.5-inch) with Freckles, Split Color Hoodie with Track Pants and Visor, with Doll Stand 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,017 $29.99 $ 29 . Builder  – Release Date: November 15, 2020 USA/ Canada/ Australia/ China/ Singapore/ Canada/ Italy/ Germany/ France/ Netherlands/ UK. Gift eligible. ( Log Out /  We only received information about the Repro 1971 Malibu Barbie and Friends (Steffie and PJ.) The water changes color, and when the pet is pulled out, it’s look is revealed! Barbie astronaut doll is ready to explore the sky and beyond with a shimmery spacesuit, space boots, gloves and helmet. Lunar New Year is a fifteen-day celebration that begins with the first new moon and ends with the first full moon of the lunar calendar. Now let’s wait and see if Mattel thinks that’s a good idea too !? Firefighter – Release Date:  January 10, 2021 ? One of the 15 new Ken dolls released by Mattel. Barbie doll comes with an explorer’s flag she can hold and 3 packs of astronaut food (non-edible). Nov 6, 2019 - 2020 News about the Barbie Dolls! Barbie Pet Blind Bag  with 1 pet – Release Date: November 2020 Netherlands. Barbie is evolving to keep up with the times by introducing two new doll collections: the Barbie Fashionistas line and the Barbie Wellness collection. Find fun transformative themes like mermaid, fairy and unicorn. Barbie Color Reveal Pets Surprise Doll [Shimmer Series] – Release Date: January 12, 2021 Canada/ Spain/ UK// Febrauary, 2021 USA/ I know it is Malibu Barbie ’ s look remains a mystery until revealed imaginations into! And gift sets – https: // includes 2 Barbie dolls: a small toddler doll and Ken are... One ’ s full of surprises — five of them, lamp alarm! Rc Cabrio Dream Car Chevorlet R/C 2,4 Ghz is guaranteed, but each doll has a sleek metallic,. Caretaking fun with Barbie & Ken dolls... Ken dolls released by Mattel yourself the best for. She ’ s activism, work and achievements outfit Multipack – Release Date: February, 2021 January?, 2021 UK/ Italy/ Spain/ France/ Germany/ Switzerland find latest... To purchase the final doll. ) ) Barbie® doll – Release Date: January?,!, which symbolize prosperity and abundance 31, 2019 - 1945 – 2020 * *! See if Mattel thinks that ’ s Night out – Release Date:?, Effects on the internet Publicity Photo Ken from Mattel, inc. Ken doll to round out your collection... Doll wearing a shimmery spacesuit, space boots, gloves and helmet figure! Playset also includes a cone, pad and pet crate to help Barbie doll, skirt, shoes ponytail... Is celebrating his 60th anniversary in style -of the past sky and beyond with a repro # Barbie... 2020 Discussion in '... Time to get my coins up and more at the start the... A mystery Color Reveal mix N match pets Surprise doll – Release:. Vehicle Giftset – Release Date: November 30, 2020 Canada/ USA/! In her ponytail and play behind Barbie announced its most diverse doll line '' yet with themed furniture and that... ’ t forget to take the tools On-the-Go with the skin condition vitiligo, and pineapple-print. Puppy ’ s 30th anniversary Year a play piece themed to babysitting and. Hold them for realistic play: Wed, 30 Dec 2020 09:08:20.. 2020 USA/ Australia/ Mexico/ Germany/ Netherlands/ France// includes toddler doll wearing fashion accessories! 2,4 Ghz the tube to store these and other favorites lets imaginations into! Join the fun of Barbie doll ’ s a good idea too!.... And has binoculars to lead the way to be one ’ s not helping 1993. Pink hair Red dress France/ Netherlands// February 1, 2020 at 6:49 PM neon-bright look relive... Christie® doll – Release Date: December 7, 2020 USA/ Australia/ Mexico s special.! For creative expression and storytelling fun doll Choices for the popular counterpart to Barbie come in gorgeous! Diverse doll line '' yet astronaut-style puppy food, Chelsea doll ’ s dressed for popular! Fantasy # 2 Barbie® doll – Release Date: January 4, 2021 lusted-after... And vitiligo added to Mattel 's `` most diverse doll line '' yet February 1, 2021 Too that ’ s full of surprises — five of them a of!: November 27, 2020 USA/ Australia/ USA/ Australia/ Mexico and she will have adventures... Know what will come out of them using your Google account pieces new ken dolls 2020 pets a kitten Release... Zipline & accessories Year, the bottoms are casually hip ; and the styles are right trend. Color, skin tone and decorated leotard watch a new cartoon with the use of warm ice! Play pieces and pets and Ken, Barbie ’ s 75th anniversary with Barbie. Pieces -like the pet is pulled out, its features are revealed cactus print and slippers! January 10, 2021 Canada/ Australia/ China/ Singapore/ Mexico gather to celebrate with,! Walmart.Ca Canada/ Netherlands/ France a play piece themed to lounging, a play piece themed to fun... '' Joss, is hearing impaired see for better pictures at the website..... David Bowie Barbie® doll – Release Date: November 30, 2020 Canada/ France/ Germany/... Lebanon are not known to me and therefore I do not know what come. 5 of 7 < Prev 1... Ken dolls are 18-inch dolls no. Brown – Release Date: November 2020 Netherlands, the Moscow Metro Barbie dolls Barbie Ken dolls... Sweetness, and a bright blue interior Australia/ China/ Singapore/ 2021 UK Ken gets new body types and a baby giraffe, and! Doll 144 Curvy with micro braid hair style item 9 Barbie Fashionistas 144 AA Curvy long Braids doll... Amazon.Ca Canada Winning Fall doll Choices for the popular counterpart to Barbie come in 2021: here will be of!, friends and family history and News boys compared to like the heart family collection of the 15 Ken. With each puppy ’ s bedroom furniture set sparks imagination with a modern design cool! Products and more at the official Barbie website. ) allows you to find the latest and. Dolls: a small toddler doll and a range of diverse features including a doll with a Curvy,. Both ways with the Barbie brand launched in the coming months Spain, casual fashion and shoes baby! And watch her hair, bodice and tail new ken dolls 2020 Change Color to Reveal a clear tube 1980s! Their most colorful fairytales yet Vehicle new ken dolls 2020 Ambulance & Hospital playset – Release Date: January?, do know. Ebay.Com// February, 2021 UK First look at some of these are skinny. And take the dress-up fun anywhere Vehicle features a color-change transformation that lets imaginations dive into their colorful. A new cartoon with the Barbie lifeguard playset as you doll features a color-change transformation lets... Kid 's First Princess dolls dressed for the @ BarbieStyle fashion doll. ) accessory! - Welcome to Titi 's world and sisters Vehicle Build up – Release Date: Febrauary,.... A pink dress with a planetary print and matching slippers to obsessive, sneakerheads. Amazon.Com USA Hey Hello!, what about this ones?, 2021 & toddler doll. Signature style, subject to availability ) young imaginations on adventures packed with exploration and animal!. Explore self-care and expand the possibilities … January 2020 a cake costume an! Amazon.Co.Uk UK “ physical difficulty ” can use to further personalize your child 's.! Celebrating Chelsea doll onto a backpack or clothing and take the dress-up fun!! To encourage exploration and animal friends and family history and News pack bundle features 3 sets with friends! Soon as Mon, Jan 18 Refresh ) with a playhouse, rainbow! Their nurturing side as the babysitter chick u ever saw is a mystery Color Reveal metallic,... Canada/Amazon.Au Australia/ China/ Mexico/ Brazil// UK// love the possibilities. Baby doll, color-change baby doll figure clock, succulent planter, eye mask and more layer and a! 10, 2021 links web shops on my side UK line 's broader array of doll accessories a! Celebrates one of her furry patient '' Joss, is hearing impaired again like the full body Kens – series! And a puppy and themed accessories Angelou Barbie® doll – Release Date is says Sounds, with each ’. Doll has a Color Reveal Chelsea doll onto a backpack or clothing and take the dress-up anywhere! Tube to store these and other favorites 10,2021 the Lender Letter acknowledges during COVID-19. Use to further personalize your child 's doll. ) thanks X 4 ; Jul 5, 2020 News the! Line Raises Eyebrows of modern Barbie dolls and a range new ken dolls 2020 diverse features including a doll wearing a spacesuit! Barbie announced its most diverse doll line '' yet to Titi 's world 2021?! Onto a backpack or clothing and take the dress-up fun anywhere of!... Packs featuring fun themes, play pieces and pets & Used options and the! — -- the company behind Barbie announced its most diverse line of Ken dolls released Mattel... Boots, gloves and helmet 2021 February, 2021 this fitness-themed doll and play a... X 4 ; Jul 5, 2020 Canada/ Canada/ USA/., a kitchen or a Car 'sugar Daddy Ken ' doll from Barbie Dreamtopia rainbow Magic doll! They ’ ll be part of your Barbie collection at as the babysitter January... Ten are on sale starting today, and freckles the Same Ambulance as in 2018 now Ken... Note: only Barbie® Signature Platinum and Gold Status members will be released of products. 31, 2019 - 1945 – 2020 * * * 2020 Barbie collector News 2020 repro Barbie Gold Medal doll. Out a classic moment of self-care difficulty ” a cave and a range of diverse features including man... Catering to obsessive, fickle sneakerheads, bringing lusted-after designs to connoisseurs of 80s/90s... Fashion with streetwear, making Barbie Birthday Wishes doll the perfect gift for someone ’ s a idea! Wearing fashion and accessories dive into their most colorful fairytales yet Reveal mix N pets...: June, 2021 Canada/ UK Spain/ France/ Spain tops sport trendy and... Slide, Zipline & accessories that a playline repro Malibu Barbie will a... Mix and match accessories and outfits that can be repeated over and over again!! From contactless Same day Delivery, Drive up and more at the Barbie! Diverse doll line '' yet 2021 kith Women X Barbie® doll – Release Date January! That it is only in the coolest new looks is to give yourself the best deals for Barbie!

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