aArray['yahooo'] = ".yahoo"; An associative array must be declared in a package separately and not in the same PL/SQL unit for it to use the TABLE function. var x = array["beta"]; The associative array is the array in which elements have a manually assigned key of string type. document.writeln("fedex domain: " + myObject.fedex); In the article Associative Array In SV, we will discuss the topics of SystemVerilog associative array. In this example, the type of associative array indexed by PLS_INTEGER is defined and the function returns the associative array. document.writeln( Object.keys(myObject).length ); But, the index values must be unique for accessing data elements in the array. Creative associative array using javascript object. You can initialize elements one at a time as follows: aa[hello]=world aa[ab]=cd aa["key with space"]="hello world" } And each element in the sub-array can be an array, and so on. In computer science, an associative array, map, symbol table, or dictionary is an abstract data type composed of a collection of (key, value) pairs, such that each possible key appears at most once in the collection. document.write("yahoo domain: " + myObject['yahooo']); aArray['fedex'] = ".fed"; Values are stored and accessed in linear fashion. For example, to store the marks of different subject of a student in an array, a numerically indexed array would not be the best choice. In the following example the array uses keys instead of index numbers: The following example is equivalent to the previous example, but shows a different way of creating associative arrays: These associative arrays are also known as maps or dictionaries. Associative arrays are dynamic objects and when the user assigns values to keys in type of array, it transforms into object and loses all attributes and methods of array type, also length property has nothing to do with array after transformation. for(var i in x) . We can traverse an associative array either using a for loop or foreach.To know the syntax and basic usage of for and foreach loop, you … }; "Saideep": "Infosys", document.write('
'); Let's take a simple example. document.write(keys); "Karthick": "Deloitte", In some programming languages, arrays has to be declared, so that memory will be allocated for the arrays. In this example we create a two dimensional array to store marks of three students in three subjects − This example is an associative array, you can create numeric array in the same fashion. module tb; // Create an associative array with key of type string and value of type int // for each index in a dynamic array int fruits [] [string]; initial begin // Create a dynamic array with size 2 fruits = new [2]; // Initialize the associative array inside each dynamic array index fruits [0] = '{ "apple" : 1, "grape" : 2 }; fruits [1] = '{ "melon" : 3, "cherry" : 4 }; // Iterate through each index of dynamic array foreach (fruits[i]) // Iterate … var keys = Object.keys(array);