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Creephouse Jams 10/24/14

By October 24, 2014 Kevins Posts, Music



We’re drawing near to the end of the year and I full expect the “best of” lists to start cropping up at any minute. This year has provided so many amazing and crucial albums it’s going to be a real task to put together my annual best of list. That and there are still some great albums yet to be released. This week continues to pile on the new albums as I struggle to keep up with even the ones on my list, let alone the new discoveries this year keeps throwing at me. I also spent a lot of time this week going through some older albums some friends have given me over the past month, but for now, on with the new releases.

The Deathrip put out some incredible black metal with Deep Drone Master. Man, those vocals kill. The classic Varathron are back with Untrodden Corridors of Hades and it sounds just like a black metal trip through hell. Solid. Obituary still cling to life with Inked in Blood, Owl’s Blood do up some interesting old-school infused, low-fi black metal on Cold Night of Meditation, Atriarch get all nasty and doomy with An Unending Pathway and Dawnbringer showed up with their much welcomed, sound expanding Night of the Hammer.

Unwilling Flesh – Between the Living and the Dead
Bindrune is in the business of putting out the best metal you can find and doing no wrong. Unwilling Flesh is another strong addition to their catalog. Swedish death metal is the permeating influence on this album and had this been released in the early 90’s, it would have easily bean hailed as a classic with the rest of the Swedish crowd. Here and now in 2014, it’s a great release form a great label. Just buy it. Buy everything from Bindrune.

While Heaven Wept – Suspended at Aphelion
I’m a Wept fanboy so I was eagerly anticipating this albums release, especially after how great Fear of Infinity was. Like usual, they do not disappoint and continue to make some of the most epic power/prog doom laced metal around.

Anaal Nathrakh – Desideratum
Anaal is the sound of fury, anger and hatred and if you have heard this band you would think the sounds they produce are just that. Infusing their bombastic, unrelenting, crashing sound with more and more industrial and electronic elements, they still haven’t strayed to far from their black metal origins and still prove what “heavy” actually means. I think this might be my default answer for when people find out I like metal and automatically say something like “Metal? Like Metallica?” No, like Anaal Nathrakh.

And the rest of this week’s soundtrack:

Bulletbelt – Rise of the Banshee
Falls of Rauros – Believe In No Coming Shore
Verzivatar – Camina Nocte Mages
Inferi – Shores of Sorrow
Devin Townsend – Z2
While Heaven Wept – Fear of Infinity
Kerasphorus – Necronaut
Turdus Merula – Mantem Recipere
Murw – In De Mond Van Het Onbekende Wacht Een Oceaan
Satan’s Wrath – Galloping Blashpemy
Trelldom – Til Et Annet
Trelldom – Til Evighet…
Sepultura – Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation
At the Gates – At War With Reality
King Diamond – Fatal Portrait
King Diamond – Conspiracy
King Diamond – Them
King Diamond – The Eye

Until next time…

Stay Creepy My Friends!

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