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By September 6, 2013 Kevins Posts

Greetings Creeps,

The avalanche of awesome new metal releases continues unabated.  This week I got my grubby hands on the new The Ruins of Beverast and the new Vattnet Viskar.  The new Ruins caved my head in under it’s awesome weight and the new Vattnet delivered on all the promises they made on their 2012 EP.  Great black metal all around.

This weeks listening was a little all over the place.  I spent the earlier part of the week listening to some great new stuff and some oldies but goodies then at the tail end of the week I spent most of my time listening to some great folk metal albums.  I really enjoyed the theme week I did for Sweden so I may do another one of those soon.  Maybe a power metal week…

Here we go:

Vattnet Viskar – Sky Swallower

I was eagerly awaiting their full length after devouring their self titled ep from last year.  This does not disappoint.  Some great atmospheric black metal here with some teeth.

The Ruins of Beverast – Blood Vaults 

To me The Ruins of Beverast is a touch nut to crack.  The albums are long, dense and chaotic.  These are albums that warrant the oh so cliched repeat listening with headphones phrase.  Once you get in there Ruins is an amazing band that actually can take you on a musical journey with dazzeling highs and debilitating lows.  The new album, whose full title is Blood Vaults – The Blazing Gospel of Heinrich Kramer (Cryptae Sanguinum ˆ Evangelium Flagrans Henrici Institoris) is no different.  This album just crushes you under it’s weight.

Finsterforst – Zum Tode Hin

Fantastic German folk metal. I know folk metal conjures up a lot of cheesy thoughts but Finsterforst uses the folks elements wisely and while they are very, very prominent it is their skills as players that really send this album soaring.  They spare themselves from what I call the “Drop Kick Murphy” affect by not over doing it and actually making the folk part of the atmosphere instead of a cheap gimmick.  Combined effortlessly with some black metal and you have an amazing album here.

Vàli – Skogslandskap 

Folk, Neofolk, Dark Folk, call it what you may but this album is full on instrumental with light, serene acoustic folk music.  Beautiful guitar work, occasionally accompanied by some other instruments, this music is simply… beautiful.

Overkill – Ironbound 

To me, thrash is all about the riffs and the energy.  Overkill delivers that in spades.

Oranssi Pazuzu – Kosmonument

Satyricon – Satyricon

Royal Thunder – CVI:A

Watain – The Wild Hunt

Omnium Gathering – Beyond

Opeth – Still Life

Enslaved – Isa

Anaal Nathrakh – The Codex Necro

Deathspell Omega – Fas – Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum

Suhnopfer – Nos Sombres Chapelles

Isvind – Daurmyra

40 Watt Sun – The Inside Room

Sühnopfer – L’Aube Des Trépassés (EP)

Irminsul – Irminsul

Sühnopfer – Laments

Stay Creepy My Friends!

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