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Greetings Creeps!

This week was a little slow again on the new release front. Every week can’t be crazy, can it? I spent most of the week checking out some under appreciated melodic death metal bands from the earlier and mid days of that scene as well as checking out more recommendations. There is so much great stuff out there, waiting to be found. This is a part of metal I enjoy the most, the discovery.

As far as new releases go Death Penalty’s self titled was a nice, cheesy foray into the classic doom sound of Cathedral. Since it’s Cathedral’s guitarist that would make sense to me. Cory Branan’s  The No-Hit Wonder has some great folk/country songs on it and a pretty impressive guest musicians list. Nothing amazing, but comforting and soulful. Take Over and Destroy’s Vacant Face I checked out out of curiosity. Sludged up black metal is what they’re calling it. It was enjoyable while listening to but kind of forgettable.

Sólstafir – Ótta
Another of my highly anticipated releases for the year. I was a big fan of their two previous albums and although the metal side of the band is increasingly diminishing, they are crafting some truly beautiful and majestic music. Another awesome release from these Icelanders.

Cross Vault – Spectres of Revocable Loss
After learning that Nerrath of Horn fame was going to be in this classical, european styled doom band, my anticipation for this album was high. I was not disappointed in the outcome. This album is full of beautiful, moody and oh so doom songs. This is the kind of doom I can really get behind. Masterfully done, a fantastic album.

And the rest of the playlist:

Lunar Aurora – Weltengänger
Hypocrisy – Osculum Obscenum
At the Gates – The Red in the Sky is Ours
Eternal Valley – Screams of Eternal Emptiness
Diabolical Masquerade -Death’s Design
Hypocrite – Into the Halls of the Blind
Bastard Sapling – Instinct is Forever
Hypocrisy – The Fourth Dimension
Ablaze My Sorrow – If Emotions Still Burn
A Canorous Quintet – Silence of the World Beyond
Lunar Aurora – Zyklus
The White Buffalo – Once Upon a Time in the West
Seven Kingdoms – The Fire is Mine
Noble Beast – Noble Beast
Hypocrisy – The Final Chapter
Fortid – Pagan Prophecies
Rapture – Futile
Ofermod – Tiamtu
Yob – Clearing the Path to Ascend
The Occultist – Death Sigils
Hypocrisy – Hypocrisy
Gamma Ray – Empire of the Undead
Stormwarrior – Thunder & Steel
Hypocrisy – Into the Abyss

Until next week…

Stay Creepy My Friends!

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