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Creephouse Jams 07/18/2014

By July 18, 2014 Kevins Posts, Music


Greetings Creeps!

Sweet merciful crap! This week was a megaton bomb of awesome new releases. The point of these posts is the share the awesome power of metal music and prove that there is incredible, mind blowing music, constantly coming out and this week is a prime example of that. Let’s get into it, shall we? As always, click the titles on the reviews for a link to find out more about the band.

Oubliette – Apparitions
I’ve really been digging this album. It’s the first release from this band and it’s some great atmospheric black metal. The singer Emily Low gives a great performance and her voice is a perfect match for the music. Apherently, this is another project from guitarist Mike Low who also does duty in a band called Inferi. I’m not familiar with them so I may have to check that out.

Overkill – White Devil Armory 
This was another highly anticipated album for me this year and Overkill, true to form, deliver the thrash goods. Of all the 80’s thrash pioneers still left, Overkill (and Kreator) are still just killing it. Ironbound was a true return to form and one of my favorite albums by Overkill, while the follow up, The Electric Age, kept things on pace. White Devil Armory doesn’t have the same epic scope as Ironbound and is more back to basics for Overkill, nasty, snarky, in your face thrash metal. The riffs are crazy, the lyrics are nasty and the production is top notch. I would’ve like some more songs along the lines of “Ironbound” or “Electric Rattlesnake” with their stellar guitar shredding and insane solo middle parts that just ramp up the albums, but this balls out approach reminds me a lot of earlier Overkill, so I’m not complaining. Thrash album of the year so far.

Bölzer – Soma 
Bölzer stormed out of nowhere last year with their EP Aura and the hype machine went into full force. Sporadic live appearances and only 3 songs to their name, the metal world became transfixed with them, and with good reason. The new EP adds only two new songs to the mix, but they are a powerhouse. That nasty, crunchy, fuzzy guitar, the pummeling songs. Bölzer is killing it with their sound and leaving everybody in their wake. I can only imagine what will happen if they ever choose to release a full album.

Mutilation Rites  – Harbinger
Another highly anticipated album for me this year. Mutilation Rites knocked my socks clean off with their 2012 album Empyrean with their thrashed up, death metaled out take on black metal’s winterish ices cape sound. Their new album builds on that foundation and takes the band to the next level. They take the harsh, grim and frenzied sound and make it engaging in their own right. Fantastic album.

Martyrdöd – Elddop
After their last album Paranioa (2012) I’ve been eagerly anticipating more music from this band. I’ve been a huge fan of this crusted up, black metal, death metal thing going on and Martyrdöd have one of the best takes on it. This album is straight to the point and is a d-beat blasting powerhouse, fresh and invigorating and crushing to boot.

Wayfarer – Children of the Iron Age
Some local Colorado awesome, atmospheric black metal going on here. A lot of melody and great songs on this album. The last song “Skysong” is so many colors of awesome. Colorado represent!

BUT the new release list goes on! Lucifers Hammer’s awesomely crushing  Mists of MMXIV gets a remastered, re-release. I mentioned having to check out Inferi above and their new album The Path of Apotheosis is a beast of a death metal album. I was turned onto Obligatorisk Tortyr’s Mörk Triad this week and this album is incredible. Grindcore gone to the next level. Entombed (A.D.?) are back with Back to Front reminding us of their classic Swedish death metal sound, crushing and awesome as before. Necros Christos quietly released  Nine Graves and true to form, it’s incredible. Doomy, dreary death metal. Opeth’s troubled Pale Communion made the rounds this week and while my interest in their current sound is fleeting, this was an improvement over their previous album Heritage. Still super proggy, but more mellow and with less fat. Empyrium’s Turn the Tides finds the band continuing their darkened folk approach, with little to be found in the way of metal. Still heavy in it’s own right and an interesting listen. Fallujah continues their super fierce and melodic take on tech death metal with The Flesh Prevails and last but not least, the viking themed Kings of Asgard came bellowing back with Karg, keeping true to their viking infused melodic, death metal sound.

Phew. That was a long and impressive week. Still, there are some more highly anticipated records yet to be released and we are only through July here. Pick one of these bands and go for it. You need some metal in your ears. Here’s the rest of this week’s list:

Dead Congregation – Promulgation of the Fall
Krieg – Isolation/Transmission
Sharon Van Etten – Are We There
Bathory – Nordland I
Black Anvil – Hail Death
Midnight – No Mercy For Mayhem
Portrait – Crossroads
Overkill – Taking Over
Setherial – Nord…
Crystal Eyes – World of Black and Silver
Wintersun – Wintersun
Morbus Chron – Sweven
Cryonic Temple – Chapter 1
Old Graves – Like Straining Boughs
Drudkh – Blood in our Wells
Black Lotus – Harvest of Seasons
Noble Beast – Noble Beast

Until next week…

Stay Creepy My Friends!

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