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Creephouse Jams 05/30/2014

By May 30, 2014 Kevins Posts

Greetings Creeps,

This was a pretty full week of music despite it being a short work week. Some awesome stuff came out this week and as I was going through my list of new music I’m waiting on, it’s only going to get crazier for the next two months. If all of metal is conspiring to make by brain explode from incredible music this year, well they are surely getting close.  For new releases this week I started the week out with the awesomely fun new Christopher Lee metal album Metal Knight, which consists of some metaled up Don Quixote songs and a cover of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” Christopher Lee is the man. Trap them came roaring back with their crusted up metal fury with the awesomely titled album Blissfucker. Diocletian’s new album Gesundrian is a furious assault of New Zealand black metal (and I read they tore it up at the Maryland Death Fest this past weekend). Forest of Tygers’ Bruises EP added some blackened hardcore fun to the mix this week and Frank Turner’s side project Mongol Horde gave us some fun throw backs to hardcore punk of yesterday.

Some of the old guard threw down some new metal this week as well. Vader’s Tibi et Igni is Vader doing what they do best, crushing death metal. Mayhem’s new album Esoteric Warfare is interesting and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. I liked their last album but this is a more raw Mayhem. Some more spins will help with this. Master’s Hammer, just like their last album, came out of the blue with some new Czech black metal weirdness with Vagus Vetus. This week may have been full of terrible news and garbage but the metal is always good.

Master’s Hammer – Vagus Vetus
Master’s Hammer always impresses. Take a weird journey through their obscure take on black metal.

Vader – Tibi et Igni
I find something comforting with Vader’s tried and true form of death metal. Some bands you like when they stray from their initial core sound, some you just like to get down to meat and potatoes. Vader has a great recipe for that.

Mongol Horde – Mongol Horde
Frank Turner’s new hardcore punk band. I didn’t even know this existed and I’m a sucker for anything Frank Turner related. It’s kind of a mix of 80’s hardcore with that weird progressive hardcore from the late 90’s. I like the older influence better. Still worth a listen if you like Mr. Turner or some loud punk music.

Hoth – Oathbreaker
Hypocrisy – End of Disclosure
Karg – Von den Winden der Sehnshucht
Trap Them – Blissfucker
Christopher Lee – Metal Knight
Mayhem – Esoteric Warfare
Wêdruj’cy Wiatr -Tam, gdzie Miesi’c op“akuje ‘wit
Forest of Tygers – Bruises EP
Diocletian – Gesundrian
Freedom Call – Beyond
Hott – Guaranteed to Destroy!
Metal Inquisitor – The Apparition
Keep of Kalessin – Reclaim
Ephel Duath – Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness
Waldgeflüster – Meine Fesseln
Nasheim – Solens Vermod
High Spirits – You Are Here
Obsidian Tongue – A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time
Yellow Eyes – The Desert Mourns
Noisem/Occultist – Split
Sargeist – Feeding the Crawling Shadows
Menace Ruine – The Die is Cast

Until next week…

Stay Creepy My Friends!

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