Creephouse Jams 05/02/2014

Greetings Creeps!

I sound like a broken record every week, constantly repeating how many awesome new releases have been coming out and this week is no different. Metal seems to be one for the few forms of entertainment that is consistently blowing my mind and keeping me excited about music. I don’t get that kind of excitement very often in any other media format. I hope you have that same sort of enthusiasm and excitement in some form in your life. If not, why not try delving into the world of metal. It only gets better the deeper you go.

So the new releases this week… We got some crushing new death metal courtesy of Winter of Sin’s Violence Reigns Supreme and some crazy technical thrash/death/doom from Noneuclid’s Metatheosis. Portrait’s  Crossroads and High Spirits’ You Are Here brought us some awesome, albeit very different takes on some classic styled heavy metal. Salem’s Pot dropped a three song doomer crusher Lurar ut dig pa prarien while Epica continues with their over the top, cheese-tastic symphonic metal stylings on The Quantum Enigma. Black metal made an awesome showing this week with Ifing’s incredible Against This Weald, and Old Graves’ Like Straining Boughs. Then there were some curve-balls this week. A Pregnant Light released his new collection of EPs Before I Came which is described as “purple” metal and Dornenreich came back with Freiheit a European folk album spattered with bits of metal here and there.

Next week has a few extremely highly anticipated albums coming out. Looks like the awesomeness will keep on coming.

High Spirits – You Are Here 
This is some fun, sort of heavier rock and roll from some of the guys in Dawnbringer, a personal favorite of mine. There’s something to be said about bands who push the envelope and take metal in wild and unique directions but there’s also something to be said about bands who have a firm grasp on just writing some good ol’ fashioned songs.

Noneuclid – Metatheosis
This is some wild, technical thrash/death from some of the guys in Obscura and Triptykon. It’s a whirlwind of technicality and riffage and though it boasts a running time of over an hour, you’re left wanting more.

A Pregnant Light – Before I Came 
Not really a new album, more of a compilation of EPs. This album is described as “purple” metal which I’m not sure what that means. It sounds like a more rock oriented black metal album. Maybe because it’s more melodic? Whatever it is, I’m digging it. The last song is a 20+ minute show stopper.

Winter of Sin – Violence Reigns Supreme

Salem’s Pot – Lurar ut dig pa prarien

Portrait – Crossroads

Dead Congregation – Graves of the Archangels

Eldjudnir – Angrboða

Miasmal – Cursed Redeemer

Autopsy – Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves

Ifing – Against This Weald

Vemod – Venter på stormene

Borknagar – The Olden Domain

Epica – The Quantum Enigma

Old Graves – Like Straining Boughs

The Great Old Ones – Tekeli-Li

Occultist – Death Sigils

Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestial Lineage

Noisem/Occultist – Split EP

Dornenreich – Freiheit

Black Anvil – Hail Death

Until next week…

Stay Creepy My Friends!


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