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Greetings Creeps!

The past couple weeks have been a blur of tremendous releases and it’s getting hard to keep up with them all and give them all the time they deserve. This week is no different. TONS of new stuff left little time for my doom journey. I still have a couple recommended doom albums to get through.

So new stuff. This week’s pile included Infestus’s The Reflecting Void, a split with Noisem and Occultist, two dirty metal bands I’ve been into recently, a proper release for Merkabas incredible Bones of the Sacred Forest, Lantlôs’s Melting Sun, Black Anvil’s Hail Death, Insomnium’s Shadows of the Dying Sun, Miasmal’s Cursed Redeemer and a healthy dose of cheese courtesy of Freedom Call’s Beyond and Ancient Bards’ A New Dawn Ending. Every week I’m flabbergasted by the quality of metal music coming out. It’s the one form of media that consistently blows my mind, throws me a curveball and just keeps getting better and better. On to the list!

Infestus – The Reflecting Void
I was pretty excited to hear Infestus had a new album coming out this year. His previous album E X I S T was one of my favorites from 2011. Void seems to go for a more polished sound then E X I S T but I don’t think it detracts from the album. It’s a solid headbanger from start to finish, even if it isn’t mind blowing.

Lantlôs – Melting Sun
I was pretty anxious to hear this album as soon as I saw it was coming out. Their previous album was fantastic and I’m a sucker for this sort of “post” shoe gaze black metal. This one is lighter on the black metal but nonetheless riveting.

Freedom Call – Beyond 
I was wondering when the first awesomely cheesy power metal album would come out this year. Well Freedom Call doesn’t fail. Uplifting, soaring, over the top, and fist pumping. All things I love about power metal.

Death – Leprosy 
These Relapse remasters have been incredible. I may need to do a Death week and just go through them all.

The Oath – The Oath

Triptykon – Melana Chasmata

Paradise Lost – Draconian Times

Nux Vomica – Nux Vomica

Noisem/Occultist – Split

Merkaba – Bones of the Sacred Forest

Black Anvil – Hail Death

Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise

Kreator – Terrible Certainty

Beyond Dawn – Pity Love

Sun Worship – Elder Giants

Skepticism – Stormcrowfleet

Bleed the Pigs – Mortis Fatum EP

Amebix – Sonic Mass

Dissection – Storm of the Light’s Bane

Cara Neir – The Overwatch EP

Blind Guardian – Tales from the Twilight World

Lost Horizon – Awakening the World

Gamma Ray – Land of the Free

Ancient Bards – A New Dawn Ending

Miasmal – Cursed Redeemer

Until next week…

Stay Creepy My Friends!

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