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Creephouse Jams 03/28/2014

By March 28, 2014 Kevins Posts

Greetings Creeps,

This week was a gut punch for metal fans as Davie Brockie, otherwise known as Oderus Urungus, lead singer of Gwar and Scumdog supreme passed away. Gwar has been a huge part of my musical life since I was a teenager (I even have a Gwar tattoo) and this planet is worse off without him. Suffice to saw, Gwar took up a good majority of this weeks playlist. RIP Dave.

There was a couple of interesting new releases this week. Most notably for me was Cormorant’s Earth Diver. More on them in a second. I also got the new comeback album Back From Beyond by death metal-ers Massacre, Thou’s much praised Heathen and Gamma Ray’s new cheese-fest Empire of the Undead.

Next week I will be on a much needed vacation and will be visiting Iceland. I’ve made a playlist featuring some of my favorite Icelandic metal bands and some new discoveries to provide my soundtrack while I’m visiting their country, so there won’t be a playlist next week. On to this week’s playlist.

Gwar – Scumdogs of the Universe 

We lost the number one scumdog this week. If you haven’t heard Gwar you’re missing out. Go out and buy any one of their albums. If you never saw them live, you really missed out. The world is a far less sick, disgusting, offensive place without Oderus and worse off for it.

Cormorant – Earth Diver 

There was some buzz around Cormorant regarding the leaving of key member Cormorant (Arthur von Nagel) and whether they could still pull it off. After hearing the new album I have to say, I wasn’t missing Arthur. It still sounds like Cormorant to me. The vocals are a bit different but they fit well enough with the music to not be a turn off. Seems these guys can do no wrong.

Gamma Ray – Empire of the Undead 

Sometimes you need a heaping serving of cheese. Thankfully, Gamma Ray exists.

Gwar – War Pary
Gwar – Violence Has Arrived
Gwar – Carnival of Chaos
Gwar – Battle Maximus
Gwar – Lust in Space
Gwar – America Must Be Destroyed
Gwar – This Toilet Earth
Katatonia – Brave Murder Day
Katatonia – Dead End Kings
Morbus Chron – Sweven
Cara Neir – The Overwatch EP
Fluisteraars – Dromers
Massacre – Back From Beyond
Sargeist – Feeding the Crawling Shadows
Dark Tranquility – A Memory Construct EP
Thou – Heathen
Sun Worship – Elder Giants
Krigsgrave – Lux Capta Est
Chuck Ragan – Till Midnight
Heretoir – Substanz
Triptykon – Eparistera Daimones
Thränenkind – The Elk
Celtic Frost – Monotheist
Carpe Noctem – In Terra Profugus
Angist – Circle of Suffering
Galdr – Ancient Lights From the Stars
Gorguts – Colored Sands
Vspolokh – Sorrow of the Past
Falls of Rauros – The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood
Woods of Desolation – As The Stars
Oak Pantheon/Amiensus – Gathering Split
Obsequiae – Suspended in the Brume of Eos

Until next week…

Stay Creepy My Friends!

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