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Creephouse Jams 01/17/14

By January 17, 2014 Kevins Posts

Greetings Creeps!

Last week Alcest got the year off with a bang but this week we got the new Waldgeflüster album, Meine Fesseln.  This album is a tremendous black metal release and right now is setting the pace.  Coming out on Bindrune, this is the label to watch this year.  They still have new releases from Panopticon, Saor and Falls of Rauros scheduled for this year.  I also heard the stream of the new Woods of Desolation album, As the Stars this week and that is going to be a phenomenal release as well.  This year looks to be shaping up even better than last year and 2013 is going to be a heck of a year to beat musically.  What an amazing time to be a fan of this music.

Spent this week again listening to some great albums from 2013 and a couple new ones from this year.  Drudkh and Winterfylleth put out a new split of covers this week, I spent some more time with Deafheaven’s Sunbather after all the hype it garnered from the best of lists and then I plunged into some power metal.  I’m still thinking I need to do a power metal week.

Red Fang – Whales and Leeches

Haven’t given this one much of a listen since it came out.  Solid, sludgy, doomy type metal.  Not usually my thing but these guys bring it every time.

Noumena – Death Walks With Me

I may need to take back what I said about melodic death metal.  There have been some shining examples of how the style can still be interesting in 2013.  Noumena is one of them.

Deafheaven – Sunbather 

It perplexes me that this is one of, if not, the most favorably reviewed album of 2013.  It popped up on nearly ever “Best of” list in some position (usually the top spot) even on non metal sites.  I think it was even on Rolling Stones best of list.  That is crazy, for a black metal band.  I enjoyed this album and now listening to it after all the hype, I don’t enjoy it any less but I’m not sure it’s the best thing since sliced bread.  Right place, right time I guess.  There could be worse things to receive such awareness.

Drudkh/Winterfylleth – Thousands of Moons Ago/The Gate Split

I’m more of a Winterfylleth fan than a Drudkh fan but I do love some of their earlier stuff.  This split consists of 3 songs from Drudkh and one from Winterfylleth, all covers.  Drudkh covers Hefeystos, Unclean and Sacrilegium while Winterfylleth tackles Hate Forest. Maybe because these are covers they are more straight forward black metal then these bands tend to be.  I dig it.

Waldgeflüster – Meine Fesseln

Holly Williams – The Highway

Jason Isbell – Southeastern

The Lone Bellow – The Lone Bellow

Peste Noire – La Sanie des siècles – Panégyrique de la dégénérescence

Peste Noire – Peste Noire

Ash Borer – Cold of Ages

Alcest – Écailles de lune

Absu – The Sun of Tiphareth

Patty Griffin – Go Wherever You Wanna Go

Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul – Splatterhash

Wolves in the Throne Room – Two Hunters

Altar of Plagues – Teethed Glory and Injury

Woods of Desolation – Torn Beyond Reason

Woods of Desolation – Toward the Depths

Austere – To Lay Like Old Ashes

Annorkoth – The Last Days

Rhapsody of Fire – Dark Wings of Steel

Gamma Ray – Land of the Free

Occultist – Death Sigils

Virgin Steele – Invictus

Stay Creepy My Friends!

P.S. Just a note, all the featured albums this week are available on the awesome website Bandcamp for direct digital download in your choice of audio file.  I can’t pimp this site enough.  Plus all the music you buy on there can be streamed via their app.  Just click the titles and get in the Bandcamp camp.

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