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Greetings Creeps!

The metal machine grinds away as I await a truckload of new releases set to drop in the near future. The only new release I got my mitts on this weeks was the new Morbus Chron album Sweven. More on that below. The rest of the week was spent going through some recommendations and listening to older stuff and some nostalgic favorites. Again I discover amazing gems of music almost daily and I continue to be surprised just how much amazing music is out there, if you look for it. Every time I hear somebody say that music is in a downward spiral or just not as good as it used to be I just shake my head in amazement. You just need to try a little harder and a whole world of amazing music, music that will blow all those dusty “classics” you so desperately cling to right out of the water. On to the list!

Nocturnal Graves – From the Bloodline of Cain 

I love this album. Blazing blackened thrash metal in the name of the almighty Satan. 32 minutes of just unrelenting speed, riffs and solos. Thrash should always be this good.

Ered Wethrin – Tides of War 

Along with Caladan Brood and Gallowbraid, Ered Wethrin play a similar sort of Summoning, epic, fantastical black metal. They are also from Salt Lake City like Brood and Gallowbraid. I dig that this is a style of black metal that is so in vogue right now, and it’s a decent listen but it kind of makes me long to just listen to Caladan Brood or Gallowbraid.

Marduk – Heaven Shall Burn… When We Are Gathered

These early Marduk albums are like a nice warm blanket for me. I can go back to them again and again and not get sick of them. Between this, Opus Nocturne and Those of the Unlight, these are go to albums when I can’t decide what to listen to.

Morbus Chron – Sweven

There has been a lot of buzz around the new Morbus Chron and I can’t see it isn’t without reason. Taking a cue from Tribulation and taking their grinding death metal in a more experimental direction, the new album is an interesting ride. It goes on a bit to long in places but overall a pretty darn good album.

mmortal – Sons of Northern Darkness

Graveborne – Through the Window of Night

Kriegsmaschine – Enemy of Man

Horde – Hellig Usvart

Obsidian Kingdom – Mantiis

Thundarwar – The Birth of Thunder

Lake of Blood – Omnipotens Tyrannus

Marblebog – Forestheart

Kreator – Terrible Certainty

Murmur – Murmur

Ulver – Nattens Madrigal

Cloud Rat – Blind River

Jumalhämärä – Resignaatio

Emyn Muil – Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga

Heretoir – Substanz

Dawn – Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)

The Descendents – Everything Sucks

Red City Radio – Titles

In The Woods – Heart of the Ages

Panopticon – Kentucky

Nefarious – The Universal Wrath

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